Thursday, September 8, 2011

In the beginning

  (original post January 30 / 2006)

(Shetland fleece from Nier Lakes Shetland Sheep )

I have been spinning for 10 years now. And generally I have been satisfied.

"It's all about the process" I said.

But as time wore on, the process became less satisfying. I seemed to produce the same old yarn all the time. Sometimes it worked -sometimes it didn't. I poo-pooed the idea of taking classes.  I kept waiting for my intuition to kick in.

"I'll never become a treadle counter" I said smugly to myself.

Well, time passes. One of the greatest things about aging,  is you decide (sometimes) to give up on preconceived ideas. Perhaps it is only after you have felted your 31st fleece, or screwed up a treasured Icelandic skein that you have babied through washing, combing and hand dyeing, that you decide it is time to move on...

Perhaps intuitive work is highly over rated. Perhaps it is misunderstood. Skill and intuition seems much more preferable to just the latter. Afterall, you wouldn't want your surgeon winging it would you?

And so with all these these thoughts, I have decided to take the Masterspinner's Certificate through Olds College. I am taking the satellite program in Calgary.

I'll keep you posted on my progress...

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